How to find a good doctor over the Internet?

How to find a good doctor over the Internet?

In most European countries information about a doctor, list of services,  work schedules are available online. It gives an opportunity to see a doctor and make an appointment at a convenient time for the patient, not in the hours when the registration-office is working. Because often recording to the visit of the specialists  takes place once a week and before the registration office there is a queue, but places for everybody not enough.

Ukrainian patients don’t want to stay in queues or watching as "a string of visitors appeared from nowhere and without an appointment" goes to the doctor. But recording technologies to the specialist via the Internet have been already available in Ukraine.

More often, before going to the doctor the patient is looking for reliable information and trusted reviews on the Internet. About 90% of patients are guided by the search for a specific physician. But hospitals, especially small, private practice doctors can’t spend serious money to attract patients. But in small clinics are often working really good doctors. As a result, loses a patient, who simply doesn’t have an opportunity to find out about the good doctor who working in a small clinic or about a physician of private practice. 

Now there are many sites in the Internet that provide information about the clinics and specialist that allows getting medical advice on-line. In spite of this, the information presented on sites of this nature, is highly questionable. Unknown quality database of physicians and their authenticity, individuality of the doctors online is absent, it is not clear how to compare doctors, reviews are often unreliable.

How we can find a good doctor among the huge number of such unverified information?

Among other sites on medical subjects, medical portals attracted our attention. What should you pay attention at when looking for a doctor on the portals first of all:

- Information about the specialists must be supported by documents;

- Information on the site is updated and supplemented in time;

- There is support for patients through the Internet or by telephone.

Appointments over the internet can save considerable time and also has other benefits. In particular, it is that to find a doctor on medical portals can be much faster than in a normal scan, also there is possibility to record over the internet around the clock.  


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