Possessing relevant resources, databases of doctors and pharmacy chains (loyal and potential), we suggest to producers reasonable, sufficient and complex solution on the promotion of drugs, that were left without promotion and / or launched on the Ukrainian market. 

Within the given offer, client gives the right to manage sales of products to the executive, with payment for each sold package.


Range of services of the exclusive promotion of drugs includes:

  • Market research, research of consumers
  • Determination of the potential sales of pharmaceutical products in Ukraine
  • Market research conducted by the client
  • Demand making
  • Promotion of products to the final consumer.


Determining the position of the drug in the life cycle of the market and assessing the situation, the company "Farm-ROST" offers a detailed plan and budget for promotion. In this case, notice, that the budget for the project is directly proportional to performed obligations.


Available to our company resources allow implementing an effective promotion in all regions of Ukraine. They are:

  • Partnerships with more than 5900 best pharmacies of A and B category
  • More than 150 experienced medical and pharmaceutical representatives
  • More than 48,000 prescribers of different specialties
  • 9 professional business coaches with a specialization in the pharmaceutics
  • Recruiters and moderators with working experience in European companies
  • Business - alliances with leading national distributor "BaDM", which ensures the full range of necessary activities.


In addition, the possibility of an exclusive promotion of drugs extends to such countries as: Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan. Company "Aversi" is strategic partner of company “Farm – ROST” in these countries. “Aversi” is the largest distributor of medicines, operator of the pharmacy network of more than 200 pharmacies and medical clinics of the same name today.