Work with retail pharmacies - practical experience of company "Farm - ROST"

Work with retail pharmacies - practical experience of company "Farm - ROST"

The emergence of new distribution channels are often associated with advances in science and technology, which accumulating to a critical mass, allows introducing innovative marketing solutions. Unfortunately, these opportunities are rare, hence the need to continuously improve the effectiveness of traditional marketing channels.

To start working with the new medicine in the pharmacy retail, there is a necessity of further development of the commercial offer for pharmacies in addition to high-quality product development. For example, many market players are faced with the rapid penetration of new products. Experience and practice of "Farm - ROST" allows us to perform such tasks in a short time for a rational budget for marketing.  So, in 2013 we launched a project with a product that had a high level of competitive environment, both in price and in marketing activities.  Nevertheless, during the first month of work availability of the drug was achieved in 1 212 pharmacies of Ukraine. Client’s tasks were performed by 131%, and in terms of 2 900 packages were sold 3 808.

Implementing projects of work with retail pharmacy , many market participants are starting to adopt similar tools, but their feedback are often lower than those of specialized companies.

For example, for 12 months of the ongoing project for the company, a member of the TOP-30 market operators, with coverage all over Ukraine, the company "Farm - ROST" provided additional sales growth on 23.85 %. "Client, when determining the objectives of the project provided the executor the opportunity to work with part of pharmacies only. Work with doctors and other was performed by the external service of Client. This partnership allowed to achieve total sales growth of 45 %, while the increase in pharmacies where company "Farm - ROST" worked amounted to more than 56.85 %, and in pharmacies, where worked external service of the Client - about 33%, which is good too" - commented Ivan Natalchenko, head of the "Pharmacy project" of "Farm ROST".

A very important component of the project is the pharmacy educational work with medical representatives and pharmacists. A series of trainings for pharmacists that were organized with the direct involvement of employees of "Farm-ROST", were achieved good sales growths even for the Rx medicine (information in the table). "Education of pharmacy staff is the key direction for marketers who seek to achieve sales targets. But, at the same time, simple trainings without a deep understanding of the formation and effectiveness of techniques can lead to more modest results" - says Igor Vovkodav, head of the" Farm - ROST".


Work with retail pharmacies - practical experience of company "Farm - ROST"

Source: market data , confirmed by the Client  


According to analysts of "Farm - ROST", marketing services of all manufacturers without exception, will continue further staff optimization, which will increase the demand for specialized marketing companies that can provide more efficient use of budgets and increase sales.


Analytical service of Farm-ROST 


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