Dear Partners,


Welcome to the site of the Marketing Company FARM-ROST.

Our company is leader in providing marketing and outsourcing services on the Ukrainian pharmaceutical market.

The company's mission

To make the partnership of Ukrainian and foreign companies clear and simple in achieving their mutual goals and promotion of medicines on Ukrainian pharmaceutical market.

The History of the company

The Marketing Company FARM-ROST was created in 2003 by the professionals, who have successful working-experience on leading positions in agencies of foreign companies.

The company today

Company’s staff is about 10 managers, 120 professional medical representatives who work with more than 38 000 prescribers of various specialties and about 7000 loyal pharmacies with skilled personnel today. The company has a successful experience of implementation collaborative projects with more than 30 Ukrainian and foreign partners. 
There are eight experienced business coaches in our team. They conduct trainings in order to increase staff qualification.

Specialization of the company

Our company provides a wide range of high-quality marketing services:


Why us? 

  • Comprehensiveness of services;
  • Predictable result;
  • Economic feasibility;
  • Responsibility for our activity;
  • Reputation of “Marketing Company “FARM-ROST”, built up over the years, helps to solve problems effectively.