Marketing Company "Pharm-ROST" has well-adjusted and structured external service of medical representatives. It allows us to implement the following promotional events in pharmacies:


  • Informing of employees of the first table about the drug - its quality, advantages, main difference from similar, etc.
  • Establishing agreements with the leaders of the permanent presence of the drug on pharmacy shelves in the required amounts. Informing conducted through individual visits or group presentations, if it is a network pharmacy.
  • Informing of pharmacies’ employees, first of all of purchasing managers and heads about the media support of a particular drug and agreeing to increase the purchase amount of the drug and increased reserves due to the forecast of increase in demand or purchase the drug in a pharmacy, if there is no this drug in a pharmacy.
  • Increasing penetration of drugs in the pharmacy retail of Ukraine.
  • Logistics and advertising materials in the pharmacy.


Launch of new drugs in retail pharmacies.

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