Outsourcing is the act of one company contracting with another company to provide services that might otherwise be performed by in-house employees.

Marketing Company FARM-ROST has a great experience in outsourcing projects, both: domestic producers and representatives of foreign companies. We realize such projects successfully because work of our team is well coordinated and we have innovative approach to solve problems. 
The apparent advantage of outsourcing is that it can be used at definite stage of the organization’s activity. Costs vary with the volume of services.
Reasons why companies use outsourcing are:

  1. Increasing of existing outdoor service potential;
  2. Enhancing of foreign presence of clients’ products;
  3. The main efforts are concentrated on the strategic products;
  4. Fast entering the market;

 5. Access to advanced technologies;
6. Costs reduction;
7. Control over the costs.

 Implementing outsourcing projects, we are not limited only by the outsourcing of personnel. Marketing Company FARM-ROST has a successful experience in:
- Recruitment, training, coaching of managerial staff and field staff;
- Increasing activity of the existing outdoor service: training existing staff, recruiting and training new staff, building teams.

 There are three advantages of the embedding of outsourcing:
- Fundamental Reorganization. Outsourcing is not only tactical but also strategic weapon. Outsourcing model to stimulate further large-scale structural changes has become the key to create more surplus value without a necessity to change the corporate purposes.
- Growth through partnership. One of the main aspects of outsourcing is partnership. For example, the establishment of long-term strategic relationship with service providers, who are ready to invest their experience, and resources available to them into the client’s business.
- Active implementation of innovations. Passing a priority undifferentiated processes (regardless of whether they are core or not) and outsourced operations, the company frees internal resources. This allows the company to focus on its main activity - the main source of competitive advantages. Thus, the implementations of outsourcing model helps companies quickly and efficiently transfer their internal resources from day to day operations in the area of ​​innovation.

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