Outstaffing – employment of your temporary unengaged personnel. Employees continue to work on former workplaces and to carry out former functions, but the rights and legal duties of the employer pass to the provider: concluding labour contracts, conducting the documentation, making deductions in the funds established by the legislation, counting social taxes, giving necessary information, etc. 




•     TRANSFERRING a part of functions to the professional and reliable partner
•     REDUCING administrative costs and risks
•     RECEIVEING economy of money resources
AS A RESULT: concentration on company’s basic activity



•  Reduction of regular number of the personnel;
•  Optimization of relations with the personnel involved in separate projects;
•  Decreasing of expenses for the personnel and optimization of risks connected with these investments;
• Absence of labour disputes risk. All risks are carries by company-provider;
• Opportunity for reception workers for any term. Mobility in attraction and reduction of personnel.
• Lighten your financial load, risks reduction and profit increase per one employee;  
• Reducing amount of personnel and accounting functions
• Decreasing of training costs and improvement of professional skills of the personnel by transferring part of these functions (trainings, seminars);
• Redistribution of clauses of balance transferring payment expenses into the services expenses of the foreign organizations that entails reduction in taxable base;
• Full concentration on the main activity of the company;  

We guarantee up to 30 % of real reduction of all expenses connected with a wage fund.

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