Farm-ROST has opened School of medical representatives

Farm-ROST has opened School of medical representatives




On September, 19th company "Farm-ROST" announces about the successful launch of social and human project "School of medical representatives." This educational project is focused on continuous improvement of professional skills of medical representatives and gives them access to modern tools and best international practices.

"The decision to launch a long-term project is caused, on the one hand, by the needs of the pharmaceutical market that is developing actively and dynamically, and has a high index of innovation. We expressly recognize and accept. So our personnel is in constant growth and development, using the latest technological and innovative developments along with the classical methods in their work. It helps to achieve the best synergy for each project - said Igor Vovkodav, director of marketing company 'Farm-ROST" Thanking to the involvement of best practices and certified trainers into our educational project, we raise the level of our employees. "

The main advantages of the "School of medical representatives" is a comprehensive coverage of each region of Ukraine, the balance between theoretical and practical courses, the high level of involvement of students, on-line broadcast lessons.

Developed various modules of training programs based on different levels of medical representatives from beginners to professionals. All students of "School of medical representatives" get experience "in the fields" together with coaches and practitioners, and also updated, current data - passport and map of area, region or city in which medical representative is operates.  


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