Igor Vovkodav about the latest trends on the pharmaceutical market - exclusive video specifically for www.pharma.net.ua

Igor Vovkodav about the latest trends on the pharmaceutical market - exclusive video specifically for www.pharma.net.ua


On November 6, 2012, Igor Vovkodav director of the "Farm-ROST" in an exclusive video interview answered questions of the First Independent pharmaceutical business portal.

During interviewed were discussed current topics, main trends of consolidation of retail pharmaceutical market, where they are appear, transformation of the market in the nearest future.

In an interview Igor Vovkodav described changes in promotion of drugs in the Ukrainian pharmaceutical market over the past few years, new trends, shared exclusive development of the company, that have been successfully tested by clients. For example, one of the novelties was the visualization of presentations to work with pharmacists and doctors. Everyone will have an opportunity to find out from Video interview about the benefits of this innovation, and how these technologies will be accepted by doctors who are in practice do not used laptops and other IT solutions, the time it takes to create such a universal presentation, what is its lifespan, the advantages over traditional methods to familiarize physicians and pharmacists about the new drugs.

There is no secret that in the work of pharmaceutical companies Internet technologies are in active using now. Is using of CRM, GPS, and other solutions economically reasonable, what effect they actually give to the pharmaceutical companies. Given solution allows controlling all employees and generating reports automatically. In a constant informational flow, which sets the current ramp and to which we are accustomed, medical representative can be effective only if he has constant access to the Internet and a mobile device to get and input information - tablet or smartphone.



Today, doctors and pharmacists do not have free time, which are willing to spend on non-trained medical representatives. They expect from such contacts quality professional information that will be useful for them in their future careers. How efficient methods can increase the effectiveness of medical representatives? What technologies have already been using in the pharmaceutical market? – there were a lot of  questions.

At the moment, the problem to attract qualified personnel has become urgent. How it can be solved painlessly for the company ...

We will place video interview on our web - site in the near future. Visuals, questions and answers, we will lay out as the release of the material.

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