Major trends of the pharmaceutical market in 2013

Major trends of the pharmaceutical market in 2013

Company "Farm-ROST" actively developed in 2012 and expects to maintain its development in 2013. "2012 turned out to be an active and intense or us, but most importantly - has become effective," - said Igor Vovkodav, director of "Farm-ROST".

Last year, the main focus of the Farm-ROST’s like-minded team has been directed on providing outsourcing services of promotion of pharmaceutical products (medicines and cosmetics), in the format of an exclusive promotion, and on the basis of mono-and co-promotion in the audience of doctors and representatives of pharmaceutical retail, to improve the quality of interaction the pharmaceutical manufacturers with pharmacy chains; outstaffing of personnel. The company actively developed analytic work, quality of visualization of marketing materials, including the development of video presentations using tablet PCs in 2012. Consistently was developing the direction of  GPS navigation of external service personnel of our Clients with the integration of the system into existing CRM systems of the Clients.

The Company "Farm-ROST" aims to increase the portfolio of projects in 2013. For this external service was significantly expanded, its structure was improved, great efforts are aimed at training and motivation of employees of external service. Analytical service of "Farm-ROST" identified the most important areas that will set the vector of growth and development in 2013. According to Igor Vovkodav, director of "Farm-ROST":"The market will be characterized by diminishing opportunities for promotion because of regulatory restrictions in 2013 These trends will increase the demand for services of marketing companies that can offer a more effective marketing tool at a lower cost".

Among the key trends of 2013, according to our assessment,  all market operators should pay attention to the following:

  The main marketing efforts of producers and their representatives - the market leaders, will be focused on the promotion of new products and product portfolio, which has opportunities for high growth in sales. These drugs can be up to 60% of the product portfolio. Drugs, which form 20% to 30% of the portfolio with lower rates of growth will be transferred to outsourcing promotion. The contract will be for 12 months with the possibility of renewal.

  Small pharmaceutical manufacturers and their representative will give in to outsourcing promotion up to 60% and more of the products of their portfolios. For this would be signed the long-term contracts for a period of 5 years with fee based on a progressive scale as a percent  of sales growth.

  The cost of external services employees may rise by 15-20%, which will limit the ability of small and medium pharmaceutical market operators to attract qualified staff. In order to reduce costs for personnel staffing of all market operators will be optimized, that will increase the demand for external providers of marketing services.

  Domestic pharmaceutical manufacturers, developing its external services, have excess capacity, but have restrictions on sales growth. This is a result of the low quality of their own services, as a result of weak corporate culture and the differences in the level of paymant of employees  and external service.

As a consequence, the external service of the Ukrainian pharmaceutical manufacturers will be described in separate legal entities. Because of the shortage of quality staff, unwillingness to pay market salaries to employees, particularly small manufacturers, such projects would be ineffective to the saturation of the labor market excess supply of high-quality personnel.

As a way out, medium and small pharmaceutical manufacturers will increasingly use the services of external promotion. The search of cheap services will be reflected in lower sales volumes. Aiming to get a share of the market small and medium manufacturers have already begun to pay real budgets to providers ofexternal service in order to fulfill their plans.

  More and more projects will be implemented on the basis of co-promotions for products from different manufacturers that do not compete with each other.

  Regulatory restrictions on the development of marketing tools in the pharmaceutical market will boost demand for external marketing services in order to reduce legal risks in an uncertain legal environment.

  Intensify the struggle for access to pharmacy shelves, as a result of the further concentration of retail pharmacies and increase in the cost of working capital for the pharmacy. On the one hand, increase the cost of marketing services in pharmaceutical retail, and, on the other hand, will increase the demand for external marketing companies that has in its portfolio suchservices as "Pharmacy projects".

The "Company "Farm-ROST" congratulates all the participants of the pharmaceutical market of Ukraine with the New 2013. Wishes to all fellow health, success and implementation of plans.


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