The company "Farm-ROST" has changed its logo

The company "Farm-ROST" has changed its logo



Company "Farm-ROST" has updated its LOGO and given it a more modern look. 

Previously, we have updated the design of the home page and site structure, making it easier and more intuitive for visitors. 

We have been working on a new version of the logo for a long time, because wanted it to remained previous, because this is our history, but also wanted to make something new, dynamic and innovative. 

Major changes have shaped logo - now it is completely transformed. The new version of LOGO charts the growth, as our company is growing in new directions, offering new services to customers, all the while pressing forward. 

We have also improved the color palette, and made LOGO and its style more relevant on the chart. 

The new visual solutions remain blue and green colors.

Slogan of the company also has changed. Now it sounds like "Growth - is our business"  but, as before, it reflects the development strategy, which is based on the orientation of the needs of our customers and innovation that define the company's leadership in the market. 

Remindl that the company "Farm-ROST" is one of the leading players to provide a full range of marketing, promotional and outsourcing services to promote drugs in the pharmaceutical market of Ukraine since 2003. 

Possessing modern tools, technologies and expertise, “Farm-ROST” successfully cooperates with leading Ukrainian and international pharmaceutical companies.

A wide range of services includes: exclusive promotion of drugs, outsourcing and outstaffing of medical staff, project “Penetration” and “Pharmacy project”. Consulting services are aimed at the development or upgrading of business strategy, at integration of marketing research and business planning. The estimation, analysis, audit, and trainings for pharmacies and pharmacy chains are also performed by our company. The company has been operating on the pharmaceutical market since 2003.


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