Trainings for pharmacy staff on actual topics on example of the customer’s products is one of the innovative ways of promotion, that has been carry out under "Pharmacy Project" since 2006. The list of possible topics:

·         Active sales

·         Assortment matrix of pharmacy. The place of Company X drugs in the profitability of the pharmacy

·         Eidetic - how to remember the range of my pharmacy, and how to recommend medicines available in the pharmacy

·         Features of sales in new economy conditions

·         Principles of Category Management, and how they are related to sales

·         Merchandising

·         Effective Sales - work with the queue and objections


Given programs allow informing pharmacists’ not only about interesting facts, but also convey important information about your medications in easy and convenient way.


Nine professional business – coaches, who have successful experience in the pharmaceutical market and are familiar with the peculiarities of the retail segment of Ukrainian pharmaceutical industry, are involved in training programs. Our coaches are living in different regions of Ukraine - Kiev, Kharkov, Odessa, Khmelnitsky, etc.