One of the main activities of Marketing Company FARM-ROS is marketing research. 

Marketing research is the process of searching, collecting, processing and preparing of information for making operational and strategic decisions in business. 

Depending on the data collecting methods, studies of Marketing Company FARM-ROST can be divided into:

 - Quantitative; 

 - Qualitative. 


Research Methodology 


 Through our research, you can learn the views of doctors about the information that will increase further prescriptions of medicines. 

 Individual interviews with doctors, provided for the definite period by each medical representative. All interview questions are agreed with the client. 

 Territorial coverage is determined by the client.


Besides, employees of our company can provide qualified and independent advice on optimization of the outdoor service. 

Our experience shows that for getting accurate result it’s much more convenient to combine the combination of the quantitative and qualitative methods. 


Quantitative research is the most adequate method of numerical evaluation: 

 - Capacity of the pharmaceutical market and the structure of supply and demand; 

 - Sales Volume of the pharmaceutical market operators; 

 - Perspectives of the product development; 

 - Effectiveness of various activities of the companies to support and promote the product; 

 - Directions of development of the portfolio of drugs and its individual components; 

 - Effectiveness of promotional activities; 

 - Efficiency of distribution network; 

 - Consumers' reaction on the possible marketing activity of the manufacturer.


Qualitative research widely used in:

  •  Consumption models and models of customer behavior;
  •  Attitudes towards products, brands and companies; 
  •  Degree of satisfaction with existing products; 
  •  Buyers’ intentions.


Qualitative research also plays an important role in developing and launching new products into the market, where these studies allow: 

 - To find a niche for a new product on the target market; 

 - To identify consumers attitude towards new product (or product concepts).