In training programs involved 9 professional business-coaches who are familiar with the peculiarities of Ukrainian pharmaceutical retail segment. 

Our coaches are certified by California Business School of Isaac Adizes, the typology of customers according to Walter Stein (red-blue-green). 

Coaches of Marketing Company FARM-ROST run the trainings for staff of pharmacies on different subjects on an example of the client’s medicines: 

 - Active sales; 

 - Overcoming objections;

 - Effective sales techniques;

 - Merchandising in modern pharmacy;

 - Legal issues of functioning of the pharmacy;

 - Etc.


Our methods of work at training sessions: brainstorming, small group work, case studies, role plays, quizzes, individual assignments, and other interactive techniques. 

Training goal: to develop skills necessary for effective sales process. It includes:

- Creativity and competence in work with clients;

- Business communication skills, increasing of motivation, practical processing;

- Correction of methods of interaction with customers;

- Improvement of mechanisms of sales management.