New Association Health of Ukraine will tell the doctors about the achievements of advanced medicine

New Association Health of Ukraine will tell the doctors about the achievements of advanced medicine
On January 17, 2012 between the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and Public organization “Association”Health of Ukraine” a Memorandum of Cooperation was signed.


On the beginning of 2012, a joint educational project, in collaboration with the Donetsk Regional Center for Maternal and Child Health and other health agencies of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, was successfully launched. Number of professional conferences and educational programs on the topic "Problems of Perinatology and Gynecology" is planned as part of educational project.


These initiatives are aimed primarily at improving the professional skills of obstetrician-gynecologists. A three-day seminar was held in April, as part of the educational project. Physicians from all regions of Ukraine became participants of the seminar.


A series of seminars in Donetsk are planned, with participation of leading experts in the field of obstetrics, gynecology and perinatology. Materials of seminars will be placed in specialized medical journals and on medical web - sites.


Marketing Company FARM-ROST has opened a new office in Tbilisi

Marketing Company FARM-ROST has opened a new office in Tbilisi

On November 23, 2011 marketing Company “FARM-ROST” opened a new office in the capital of Georgia, Tbilisi. Starting expansion on countries of CIS, company “FARM-ROST” has expanded the business - scope and geography of its presence in such countries as Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan.


On the Georgia’s market, company “Aversi” " has become a partner of "FARM-ROST”. “Aversi” is a leader in the pharmaceutical market, the largest distributor of medicines, operator of the pharmacy network, which included more than 200 pharmacies and medical clinics with the same name nowadays.


Company “FARM-ROST” is market leader in providing promotional services and outsourcing, connected with the promotion of medicines. Company has a wide range of effective business tools, which are in demand in the current market conditions, and provides a full range of marketing services.


“With high experience in cooperation with leading companies of Ukrainian pharmaceutical market, having professional team and resources for development, we decided expand the area of presence. First in our list was Georgia, which is actively implementing a European approach to business and became stable, investment-attractive country for the past few years, - said Igor Vovkodav, head of marketing company “FARM-ROST”. - The first wave of our Promotional activity will be directed to doctors and pharmacies. Also, expansion of our geography opens to our partners opportunity to go beyond the borders of Ukraine into the markets of CIS countries”.


Henceforth, marketing company “FARM-ROST” will provide a full range of marketing and promotional services in order to promote medicines on the markets of several countries simultaneously, with the development of each specific market. It makes company more competitive and mobile, and makes our services more efficient and comprehensive. There is no need to waste time searching for a reliable, professional partner abroad any more.

The main players of Ukrainian pharmaceutical market, marketing company FARM-ROST and Publishing house "Health of Ukraine created Association Health of Ukraine

On September 30, 2011 Marketing Company “FARM-ROST” and Publishing House “Health of Ukraine”, combined their resources to create a non-profit public organization “Association “Health of Ukraine”. The aim of new association is to make the process of postgraduate medical education more accessible to a wide audience, in order to raise their professional level.


The activity of public organization “Health of Ukraine” aimed at education of doctors and promotion of innovative advances in medicine, in order to ensure high social standards in Ukraine.


In particular, Association has been developing, organizing and conducting educational programs for doctors: on-line courses, seminars, conferences, round tables, workshops, master classes with the participation of professionals, etc. This allows bringing information about events and innovative developments in the field of health, to the broad medical community.


Describing, why in Ukraine was created one more organization, and what its competitive advantage is, Igor Ivanchenko, Chairman of the Association’s Board, said:" Cooperation with the Association will create and maintain a positive image of the company as socially responsible, thanking to long-term contributions into the development of medicine in Ukraine, and using of resources, available to marketing company “FARM-ROST”, will allow participants to develop Ukrainian pharmaceutical market by promotion of their products and, consequently, to achieve a higher level of sales. Conducting educational programs, using potential of “Association “Health of Ukraine”, will reduce the risks of its participants”.


At the moment, “Association “Health of Ukraine” has been actively cooperating with company “Abbot” and plans an active educational campaign among doctors and medical institutions of Ukraine.